Catalyst #2: I can grow my career


“Recognize, value and make space for the various forms of excellence and diverse contributions.” – What we heard in the UBC community consultation

Catalyst #2:I can grow my career

Why this matters

Excellence in research, learning, and operations is integral for faculty and staff to achieve their career aspirations at UBC, and for the university to achieve its ambitions identified in the UBC strategic plan.

UBC is a locus of interdisciplinary, collaborative, and creative research, programs, and projects where people actively pursue unique solutions in many fields. This requires intentional academic, professional, and personal growth opportunities for current and future generations of faculty and staff.

We have the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and respectful workplace by valuing one another’s contributions and embracing a culture of respect. By supporting one another, and building connections both within UBC and beyond, faculty and staff at UBC can meet their full potential and career aspirations.

Creating opportunities for career growth and ongoing learning are important for faculty and staff engagement and retention. Professional growth was the top driver of engagement for both faculty and staff in the 2017 Workplace Experiences Survey.

Librarians’ expertise boosts research at UBC

Librarians’ expertise boosts research

Librarians’ unique set of skills makes them indispensable to research at the university as they help faculty feel more supported by integrated and innovative resources.

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More stories and updates

More stories and updates

Read more feature stories to learn about the great work across UBC that contributes to the success of Focus on People 2025 and its four catalysts.

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What the numbers say


What will UBC look like in 2025?

Faculty and staff are creative and innovative and can grow professionally.


  • Develop a phased approach to delivering professional development that supports career growth, agility and engagement.
  • Continue investing in efforts to enhance scholarly and leadership opportunities for women, racialized peoples, and Indigenous peoples.
Faculty and Staff Diversity
Faculty and Staff Feel Respected
Faculty and staff connect professionally and socially, and the quality of relationships contributes to people’s ability to realize their full potential.


  • Increase access to coaching, mentoring, and other development opportunities to meet the unique needs, experiences, and expectations of faculty and staff throughout their careers.
  • Create opportunities for faculty, staff, leaders and student employees to connect across the university in social and professional ways and contribute to engagement in the workplace.
Faculty are well-supported to access available research funding and internal and external awards.


  • Continue offering research support through internal funding programs, shared facilities, and initiatives which enable collaboration within and across disciplines and communities, as articulated in UBC’s Strategic Plan.
  • Support faculty in more integrated and innovative ways by bringing together resources available within the VPA’s, VPRI, and VPHR (e.g. Awards, Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology, Mentoring, Coaching).
Faculty and Staff Smoothly Navigate Changes