Focus on People 2008

In 2008, Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC was launched as a contributing framework towards the realization of UBC’s values. The framework set out strategies and corresponding initiatives to consider how we could improve our daily work practices in order to create an outstanding work environment for staff and faculty members at UBC. We wanted to retain and attract outstanding people, and support faculty and staff in achieving what is important in their professional and personal lives. At the end of the day, it remains vital to the success of the university that we recognize and celebrate the inherent value in each other’s contributions. UBC is a workplace in which we strive to maintain our values of academic freedom, mutual respect, integrity, dignity and inclusivity in the forefront of our minds.


Focus on People’s 2008 workplace practices were defined by five priorities, identified by our faculty and staff. These priorities challenged us to rethink and improve our daily practices in order to create an outstanding work environment.

We invite you to explore our strategies and see what we have done in these important areas to build a better workplace at UBC.

Download Focus on People 2008 resource documents