Develop a Sustainable, Healthy Workplace

UBC has a responsibility as an organization to support the growth of an employee-centred sustainable healthy workplace. By promoting health and wellness in the workplace across our campuses, we demonstrate that we support a productive and progressive work culture.

What have we accomplished?

  • Created the Healthy Workplace Initiative Program Fund, which has helped units across the university to develop their own healthy workplace programs.
  • Implemented a comprehensive medical surveillance program through Workplace Health Services to monitor work environments that may have potential occupational exposure to hazardous agents, in order to safeguard the health of faculty and staff.
  • Established a Respectful Environment Statement for staff, faculty and students. The university is dedicated to providing the best possible conditions for learning, researching and working, including an environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity and mutual respect.
  • Fostered a breastfeeding-friendly environment across the university for staff, faculty, students and visitors by identifying breastfeeding spaces across UBC.
  • Provided awareness building and education opportunities for faculty and staff in the area of mental health and wellbeing. Visit to learn more about what we are doing.

What are we doing?

  • Piloting mindfulness workshops for staff and faculty.
  • Providing opportunities for faculty and staff to develop their skills to engage in conflict in a healthy and respectful way.
  • Emphasizing cross-campus partnerships with accomplished faculty members, graduate students, and community members to promote faculty and staff wellbeing, while simultaneously showcasing faculty research.  Partnerships include the Men’s Health Research Program, Department of Psychology, Cancer Prevention Centre, School of Kinesiology, and Student Health Services.
  • Implementing a health representative program to widen the reach of health promotion communication.
  • Building Awareness of the Ergonomics Program works to optimize human wellbeing and system performance, thereby promoting a healthy work environment.  Program offerings include the Office Ergo Rep program, monthly training sessions, and self-assessment tools.
  • Continuing to focus on increasing and expanding mental health literacy.