Holding the vision of our workplace practices is a shared responsibility. The projects and initiatives undertaken as part of Focus on People are large in scope and scale, impactful for all campuses, and require facilitation and collaboration. To ensure we remain accountable to the University community, we have developed various reporting structures and committees.


At the Organizational Level

We provide updates at the Board of Governors’ meetings. Our Executive Steering Committee provides strategic governance and direction to the implementation of our workplace practices:

  • Lisa Castle, Chair
  • Karyn Magnusson, Building Operations
  • Janet Teasdale, VP Students
  • Jane Hutton, Robson Square
  • Richard Kurth, School of Music, Faculty of Arts
  • Kimberly Darling, UBC Okanagan
  • Tammy Brimner, VPR (Animal Care)
  • Shanda Jordan Gaetz, Faculty of Medicine
  • Cindy Goundrey, Dev. & Alumni Affairs
  • Gurdeep Parhar, Equity
  • Vacant: Faculty Member (Science or APSC)
  • Kate Hunter, External Realtions
  • Brian Bemmels, Sauder School of Business
  • Alex Bayne, Resource to the Committee
  • Julie Stockton, Resource to the Committee

At the Departmental Level

Projects and initiatives under Focus on People have been assigned within each executive portfolio at our campuses.