Workplace Experiences Survey

Every three years, UBC faculty and staff are invited to share their experiences at the University through the Workplace Experiences Survey. The survey includes questions about topics such as your career, wellbeing, and leadership. Tailored versions of the survey are offered for faculty and staff to ensure that the questions and resulting data is relevant and meaningful. The next Workplace Experiences Survey is planned for November, 2017.

UBC uses the survey findings to better understand faculty and staff experiences, needs, and priorities, and to help shape strategic planning and initiatives at both the institutional and unit levels.

2014 Results: What We Are Doing

As a result of your feedback on the latest Workplace Experiences Survey (November, 2014), the priorities we’re focusing on at UBC Vancouver include:

Additionally, since 2015, we have shared stories from departments across UBC through the Focus on People Updates about what they are doing to create an engaging workplace locally, and the impact for staff and faculty.

Be Involved

What you bring to the workplace affects your experiences. We encourage you to get involved in initiatives resulting from the survey findings, and take positive actions on an individual level, within your department, or on a broader institutional scale.

The 2014 Survey Results

Faculties and departments received unit-level reports in spring 2015 and many departments have shared these results with staff and faculty. If you have questions, or would like more information about your department’s report, please contact Catherine Pitman, Workplace Engagement Strategist.

Some UBC Vancouver survey highlights:

  • 80% of staff and 72% of faculty say “I am proud to work at UBC
  • 75% of staff and 74% of faculty say “I recommend UBC to prospective students
  • 85% of staff and 78% of faculty say “My colleagues treat me with respect”
  • 89% of staff and 91% of faculty say “I feel physically safe at work
  • Those who had a performance conversation in the last year are more engaged.
  • Mid-career professionals typically stay at UBC; however their engagement is lower than those starting out at UBC.
  • Only 39% of staff and faculty are comfortable raising issues related to mental health and wellbeing at work.

Learn more about the WES results here.

Background on the 2014 Survey

In November 2014, faculty and staff had the opportunity the share feedback through the Workplace Experiences Survey. Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to share their experiences at UBC!

Ipsos Reid, UBC’s third-party survey consultant, analyzed the survey results and created overall and unit-level reports.