Workplace Experiences Survey

From November 12 to 25, we are offering a university-wide Workplace Experiences Survey (WES) Pulse.

Take the WES Pulse today at

The survey is intended to offer insights into areas that were identified as the top drivers of engagement in the 2017 WES, and that align with the priorities woven into Focus on People 2025: inclusion, leadership, professional growth, and wellbeing.

The pulse is a shorter version of the full WES – it should take less than five minutes to complete.

Similar to the WES 2017, each unit with 10 or more responses will receive a pulse survey report. These reports will feature comparisons between your unit’s pulse results and 2017 WES results so that you can see how faculty and staff experiences have shifted in the last two years. The results also provide a snapshot of areas of strength and opportunity heading into the next Workplace Experiences Survey in November 2020.

The overall 2019 WES pulse results will inform many of the Focus on People 2025 metrics reported to the UBC community in the annual FOP 2025 update, which provides progress on making UBC an inspiring place to work.

What’s happened since the WES 2017?

In 2017, over 6,000 faculty and staff participated in the WES. For more about the 2017 survey results, including surveys highlight and surprises, visit 2017 Workplace Experiences Survey Results.

For a summary of what has happened – including some of the actions taken at the university-wide, portfolio, and unit levels – please visit Taking Action on Survey Results.