Workplace Experiences Survey FAQs: Faculty & Staff


When is the Workplace Experience Survey open?

The survey is run every three years and is open for three weeks in November. The last survey was offered in November, 2014.

Who can take the survey?

The survey is open to people employed at UBC with faculty and staff appointments. It is not open to those employed with clinical and student appointments

What is the survey about?

As UBC staff and faculty, it is your opportunity to share your experience of UBC as a workplace. It includes questions about:

  • Your career
  • Resources and support
  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Wellbeing

In 2014, we began offering different versions of the survey for faculty and staff. Tailored versions meant that you answered questions that are most relevant and meaningful to you.

Is the survey online?

Yes, most participants complete the survey online. Paper surveys are available for those who do not use a computer at work.

Is it possible to identify and link my responses back to me?

No, responses are completely anonymous and confidential. In 2011 and 2014, the survey was administered for UBC by Ipsos Reid, a third-party survey consultant in Canada. All responses to the online survey were collected on Ipsos Reid’s secure servers located in Canada. Ipsos Reid analyzed the survey data and generated results reports for UBC overall and individual units. However, unit-level reports were provided only if ten or more responses were received, in order to protect confidentiality.

Why should I take the survey?

The survey is your opportunity to share confidentially and anonymously comprehensive feedback on your experience at UBC. Your feedback is used to help inform future priorities and initiatives at UBC. It may also be used to shape plans and programs locally in your unit. Of course, the choices the university and individual units make are based on the input captured in the survey, that’s why it’s important for staff and faculty to participate.

How many people participated in 2014?

Overall, more than 5,000 staff and faculty participated in the 2014 survey (31% of eligible participants).

Why does UBC conduct the Workplace Experiences Survey?

UBC has committed to conducting the Workplace Experiences Survey every three years because the opportunity for faculty and staff to provide feedback on their experience is necessary to foster an outstanding work environment at the University. In order to build and sustain an outstanding work environment we need to engage in conversations about what is working and opportunities to better support and engage faculty and staff.

Do other universities conduct surveys like this?

Yes, other Canadian universities offer similar faculty and staff surveys. For example, the University of Toronto conducted their Speaking Up survey in October, 2014.

Were the 2014 survey results shared and if so, where can I find them?

The survey results were shared at Town Halls in Vancouver and the Okanagan in late February, 2015. The UBC-wide results, including a video, are available on the Workplace Experiences Survey website results page. The unit-level reports were shared with faculties, departments, and units in March, 2015. Please visit to see if your unit received a report.

What is being done with the 2014 survey results?

As a result of your feedback, the institutional priorities we plan to focus on are:

  • Investing in supporting workplace conversations about mental health & wellbeing
  • Encouraging performance conversations and building capacity to have them
  • Raising awareness about the importance of recognition in the workplace and sharing ways to recognize colleagues
  • Developing strategies to better support mid-career professionals
  • Looking into the experiences of disabled as well as Aboriginal staff and faculty to better understand what a more engaging workplace might look like
  • Fostering conversations about how to involve staff and faculty in decisions that affect their work

We will be sharing updates on progress ongoing on this site.

The 2011 WES results helped to shape three key UBC initiatives: Internal Communications, Career Navigation (for staff), and Orientations. In some cases, the survey results were also used to inform initiatives at the unit level.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the survey?

Please contact your Human Resources Advisor.