Toolkits for 2017

The Workplace Experiences Survey is an excellent opportunity to hear directly from all faculty and staff and gain insights into our workplace experiences. It’s critical that we encourage as many faculty and staff as possible to participate so that the results are a robust representation of our workplace. Here are two toolkits designed to help you communicate about the Workplace Experiences Survey with your colleagues.

Leader’s Toolkit

The leader’s toolkit is designed specifically for each department/unit to use in communicating with their faculty and staff throughout the month of October and during the survey period.

This toolkit includes:

  • Key dates for you to take action
  • Speaking points to use at team meeting and to support face-to-face conversations
  • Questions & answers
  • Email templates
  • Ideas for encouraging your team to participate

Download the toolkit: UBC Workplace Experiences Survey 2017 – Leader’s Toolkit (pdf)
or UBC Workplace Experiences Survey 2017 – Leader’s Toolkit (doc)


Communicator’s Toolkit

The communicator’s toolkit is prepared for campus communicators and others responsible for communications to use in promoting the survey in their local department/unit beginning in October.

This toolkit includes:

  • Posters to print and display in your work area (includes fillable posters)
  • Written content to include in your newsletters and on social media
  • Graphics for websites, newsletters, digital signage, social media

Download the toolkit: UBC Workplace Experiences Survey 2017 – Communications Toolkit (zip folder)