Workplace Experiences Survey

The UBC Workplace Experiences Survey was offered in November 2017. Where are we now?

Action plans have been created at the university-wide, portfolio and local levels.

  • The university-wide results from the survey indicated a number of areas that have the potential to create more engaging workplace experiences. The university Executive identified some opportunities related to senior leadership as part of their action plan, and VPs have also developed action plans for their portfolios.
  • At the portfolio and local level, faculties and departments were encouraged and supported to share and reflect on their unit-level survey results, and select an area of opportunity specific to their local context. Some common themes include professional growth, health and wellbeing, and leadership development. Faculties and departments were invited to co-create, share, and discuss their actions plans with faculty and staff.

For more about the 2017 survey results, including surveys highlight and surprises, visit 2017 Workplace Experiences Survey Results.

For more about the actions taken since the survey was offered, visit Taking Action on Survey Results.

Why your experiences matter to faculty, staff and students

We’re a top-40 research institution where open, innovative thinking is changing the world. UBC Faculty and staff engagement has an impact on research, learning, and the student experience.

UBC Graduate student Megan Ryland speaks to her experiences and why she chose to continue her learning path at UBC.

Did you miss Professor Santa Ono’s Facebook Live discussion about faculty and staff engagement? Watch a recording of the event below, with special guests Bill Aiello, professor of Computer Science and Shanda Jordan Gaetz, executive director of faculty affairs in the Faculty of Medicine. The conversation was moderated by Kathryn Gretsinger, senior instructor at UBC Journalism. Original broadcast date: Friday, November 10, 2017.