Awards at UBC

Awards at UBC

The President's Service Award for Excellence medal

The President’s Service Award for Excellence medal

UBC presents the President’s Service Awards for Excellence and other staff awards annually, to recognize staff members who demonstrate outstanding achievement and excellence within the UBC Community.

The President’s Service Award for Excellence (PSAE) was created in 1991 and has been awarded to over 120 employees for their outstanding contributions to the University.

With the growth of our University over the years, as well as the addition of the Okanagan campus, the UBC Vancouver President’s Staff Awards and the UBC Okanagan Staff Awards of Excellence were created to celebrate a wider range of accomplishments.

UBC’s Focus on People framework highlights recognition as an important component of staff recruitment and retention at the University. We aim to recognize the personal achievements and contributions that staff make to UBC and to the vision and goals of the University.