Implementing actions and measuring progress

The implementation of the Focus on People 2025 framework aligns with the academic year. The plan is currently in progress for Year Four (September 2022-August 2023).

Taking action

View the Implementation Roadmap (pdf), which tracks actions and accomplishments across each of the catalyst areas.

Measuring our progress

The following 11 metrics – three top-line metrics and two metrics per catalysts – are used to measure progress on the implementation of the Focus on People 2025 framework. Seven of the metrics are from the UBC Workplace Experiences Survey in 2021.


  • 74% of faculty and staff would recommend UBC to a friend or family member as a great place to work.
  • 69% of faculty and staff say their diversity (e.g. lived experiences including knowledge, identity, culture, experiences) is valued in the workplace.
  • 5.6% voluntary turnover rate* for UBC Overall in 2021.

* The voluntary turnover rate excludes term employees. In previous years, voluntary turnover included term employees. With the transition to Workday, 2021 is the first year we are able to report on this metric with more accuracy. 

Catalyst 1: I am part of a diverse, inclusive, safe and vibrant workplace

Representation of faculty and staff:

  • 53.5% Women
  • 35.3% Racialized Groups
  • 9.7% Sexual & Gender Diversity
  • 8.6% Persons with Disabilities
  • 2.5% Indigenous Peoples

68% of faculty and staff agree that UBC is committed to the wellbeing of its people, places and communities.

View Catalyst 1 in the framework.

Catalyst 2: I can grow my career

75% of faculty and staff say they have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally at UBC.

55% of the eligible faculty and 21% of the eligible staff population accessed Professional Development Funding in 2020/21, mostly for education (staff), and teaching and research (faculty).

View Catalyst 2 in the framework.

Catalyst 3: I am shaping the future of research, teaching and work

67% of faculty and staff say they are inspired to do their best work.

74% of faculty and staff agree that people are willing to consider and adopt new and improved ways to do their work in their department.

View Catalyst 3 in the framework.

Catalyst 4: I am inspired by diverse leaders who live UBC’s values

64% of faculty and staff agree that UBC’s senior leadership communicate a compelling vision for UBC.

Representation of Senior Leaders:

  • 46.5% Women
  • 28.7% Racialized Groups
  • 6.8% Sexual & Gender Diversity
  • 7.6% Persons with Disabilities
  • 1.5% Indigenous Peoples

View Catalyst 4 in the framework.