Implementing actions and measuring progress

The implementation of the Focus on People 2025 framework aligns with the academic year. The plan is currently in progress for Year Three (September 2021-August 2022).

View the Implementation Roadmap (pdf), which tracks actions and accomplishments across each of the catalyst areas.

Measuring our progress

The following 11 metrics – three top-line metrics and two metrics per catalysts – are used to measure progress on the implementation of the Focus on People 2025 framework. Seven of the metrics are from the UBC Workplace Experiences Survey pulse in 2019.


  • 71% of faculty and staff would recommend UBC to a friend as a great place to work.
  • 64% of faculty and staff say their diversity is valued in the workplace.
  • 6.7% – voluntary turnover rate for UBC overall

Catalyst 1: I am part of a diverse, inclusive, safe and vibrant workplace

Representation of faculty and staff:

  • 56% Women
  • 34% Racialized Groups
  • 8% Sexual & Gender Diversity
  • 4% Persons with Disabilities
  • 3% Indigenous Peoples

70% of faculty and staff agree that UBC is committed to the wellbeing of its people, places and communities.

View Catalyst 1 in the framework.

Catalyst 2: I can grow my career

78% of faculty and staff say they have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally at UBC.

52% of the eligible faculty and 27% of the eligible staff population accessed Professional Development Funding in 2018/19, mostly for education and training.

View Catalyst 2 in the framework.

Catalyst 3: I am shaping the future of research, teaching and work

64% of faculty and staff say they are inspired to do their best work.

71% of faculty and staff agree that people are willing to consider and adopt new and improved ways to do their work in their department.

View Catalyst 3 in the framework.

Catalyst 4: I am inspired by diverse leaders who live UBC’s values

60% of faculty and staff agree that UBC’s senior leadership communicate a compelling vision for UBC.

Representation of Senior Leaders:

  • 42% Women
  • 23% Racialized Groups
  • 6% Sexual & Gender Diversity
  • 2% Persons with Disabilities
  • 2% Indigenous Peoples

View Catalyst 4 in the framework.