Workplace Experiences Survey

2021 Workplace Experiences Survey

The Workplace Experiences Survey is the primary opportunity that all faculty and staff have to share feedback on their experiences of working at UBC. The survey offers insights into the progress on efforts to make UBC a more diverse, inclusive, safe and vibrant workplace.

Over 6,300 faculty and staff participated in the survey in November 2021.

Learn about the WES results

The report, as presented at the WES Open Session on February 14, 2022, includes:

  • Results across various engagement themes
  • Top three drivers of engagement for faculty
  • Top three drivers of engagement for staff
  • Added to appendix: Top themes from open-ended comments

View the report for UBC Overall on the Workplace Surveys page (CWL required).

View the infographic with overall highlights. 

Unit level reports

In early February 2022, portfolio-level reports were shared with UBC Executive Leadership team, and unit-level reports were distributed to the respective senior HR leaders. A unit-level report is generated for each unit with 5 or more responses. 

Curious about your unit’s results? Please connect with your HR contact to learn more. 

Action plan conversation guide

Unit-level reports are recommended to be shared with faculty and/or staff in your portfolio. Present it at a regular department meeting and use it to start a discussion:

  • What are the results? 
  • What do they mean? 
  • What will we do? 
  • What does success look like? 

View the Action plan conversation guide template. 

Your feedback shapes our workplace

Faculty and staff feedback in the WES is used to understand areas of strength as well as highlight areas of opportunity for improvement, both university-wide and at the unit level. 

The feedback from the survey is used to shape priorities at the university. The 2017 WES was used to shape the Focus on People, UBC’s strategic people framework, specifically the following catalysts:

  • Catalyst 1: I am part of a diverse, inclusive, safe and vibrant workplace
  • Catalyst 2: I can grow my career
  • Catalyst 4: I am inspired by diverse leaders who live UBC’s values

View the Implementation Roadmap on the Reporting page for examples of initiatives.

Survey confidentiality

  • The WES is confidential. This survey is conducted under the authority of section 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.   
  • UBC has engaged TalentMap, a third-party employee survey consultant located in Canada, to administer the WES 2021.   
  • Results are only reported to managers and leaders in aggregate, and a minimum of five responses are needed to generate a report.  Additionally, verbatim comments are not shared; only themes that emerge in the comments are provided at the overall level.   

The survey is administered by TalentMap

To ensure confidentiality, UBC has engaged TalentMap, a third-party employee survey consultant located in Canada to collect and collate the information gathered in the survey on behalf of the University.  TalentMap is a member of the Insights Association and subscribes to INSIGHT’s Code of Standards. You can be assured that your responses will be treated with the strictest confidence.  

What data is collected in the survey

The primary purpose of the survey is for all faculty and staff to share feedback on their experiences of working at UBC.  

The only linked demographic information is the WD Supervisory Organizations. This enables unit-level reporting where there are five or more responses. 

Faculty and staff were asked demographic questions (such as age, length of service, and equity groups). This enables data analysis and offers insights into the progress on efforts to make UBC a more diverse, inclusive, safe and vibrant workplace. Respondents can select “Prefer not to answer” for any demographic question.  

Email addresses, which are required by TalentMap to send the survey invitation, will be stripped out from the survey data file by TalentMap before it is provided back to UBC.  

Survey data is stored in Canada

Survey feedback is collected on our third-party survey consultant TalentMap’s platform. The survey is hosted on servers located in Canada, and all survey data is transmitted in Canada.  

Who has access to your survey feedback

Individual survey responses will not be shared; responses will be aggregated to protect the privacy of individual respondents. Reports for managers and leaders will only be provided where there are a minimum of five respondents and will include employees based on the supervisory organizations in Workday. No individual comments from the open-ended question will be shared in the reports. We only share the overall themes that emerge from the comments. 

Two UBC survey administrators will have access to the survey data (this includes individual responses) for additional high-level statistical analysis. The survey data file does not include names, email addresses, or Employee ID.  

View TalentMap’s  privacy statement or contact for more information.

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