Workplace Experiences Survey FAQs: Leaders & Administrators


Please see the FAQ for faculty and staff for additional information.

What was different in the 2014 survey?

There were two key differences in 2014. First, tailored versions of the Workplace Experiences Survey questionnaire were created for faculty and staff. We developed customized version so that the questions would be more relevant for faculty and staff and in turn, the survey data will be more meaningful. In addition, through considerable consultation with faculty and staff across the institution, the questionnaire was evolve and refined.

Second, eligible faculty and staff will receive an individual survey invitation directly to their UBC email account. The invitation includes a unique survey link that they can use to complete the survey. This change also enables participants to complete the survey in more than one sitting –respondents can close a partially completed survey and resume answering questions later from the point at which they left off. In addition, survey reminders will only be sent to participants who have not completed the survey.

Is the survey mandatory?

The survey is not mandatory. However, we highly encourage all faculty and staff to participate, because the stronger the response rate, that more representative resulting the survey data will be. Having representative data means that we are better able to identify and focus on the priorities that will make the greatest difference to the faculty and staff experience at UBC, both locally and at the institutional level.

Are unit-level survey results available again this time?

Yes, faculties and large departments received individual survey results reports in Spring 2015. However, reports were generated only if 10 or more respondents participate in order to protect anonymity. To see if your unit received a report, visit:

What is our department expected to do with the results?

We encourage you to review your results and share them with your faculty and staff. If you would like support and guidance reviewing and interpreting your results, Central HR will be available to assist. We hope that departments and units use the survey results to help identify priority areas and inform their strategic planning efforts.

I’m looking for a data cut that wasn’t in my results report. How can I get an additional report?

Before requesting an additional results report with different data cuts, we recommend ensuring that you are addressing any opportunities identified in the initial report. If you would like an additional report, please contact your Human Resources Advisor.