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Robson Square
Submitted by Daniela Stockfleth-Menis, Sales & Events Manager at UBC Robson Square

At UBC Robson Square we are proud of how we recognize our staff. However, we never stop looking for ways to improve and come up with new ideas. Please see below our information for submission.

Briefly describe the recognition activities

  • Recognize birthdays each month
  • Recognize 5, 10, 15 etc. years of service
  • Post client accolades in public back office space
  • Nominate one or two people each year for President’s awards
  • Summer BBQ
  • Breakfast with Frosty
  • Unit Holiday Party
  • Flex schedules when possible
  • Holiday treats a few times per year
  •  Encourage and recognize staff who pursue continuing education

In progress to be implemented:

  • “Thank you” notes (colleague to colleague)
  • Managers take staff out for coffee or lunch. We do it already, but we want more consistency.
  • “Employee of the Staff Meeting” – inviting positive comments from co-workers
  • Recognize employees who actively serve the community
  • Creation of a staff social committee to organize social events for staff and to help foster community/appreciation

Who was recognized?

On March 9th we recognized two of our staff members for their 10 and 15 years of service.

Who were they recognized by?

By our Director,  Jane Hutton, and our HR representative. We had an afternoon meeting with delicious desserts, coffee & tea for all the staff who were able to attend.

What was the impact of this recognition for both those recognized and those who did the recognizing?

It was a chance for our varied staff team to connect and for those who were recognized to feel celebrated and valued.

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