An ambitious journey to transform the way we work

On November 2, the way we work together saw change with the launch of Workday for Finance and Human Resources.

Below is an excerpt from President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono’s message to the UBC community. Read the full Weekly Update October 23


The road towards implementation of Workday has been a long one, with reviews of the university’s systems starting over a decade ago. When the Integrated Renewal Program kicked off in May 2018, we knew we’d started on an ambitious and important journey to transform how we work at UBC. The program team has been hard at work ensuring what is delivered meets UBC’s needs well into the future.

Significant change takes time and patience to be successful. As the system continues to improve with regular updates, so will the way we collaborate and make decisions in the workplace.

The switch to Workday will bring modern, intuitive systems and simpler processes that will support UBC, meeting the needs of our learning, research and working environment.

I’m excited for the possibilities and opportunities that Workday will bring. But we all know it takes time to figure out how to use and get the most out of a new system.

It’s taken a team effort to bring Workday to fruition and I’d like to thank everyone involved. Many individuals have gone above and beyond and worked tirelessly to ensure a successful transition.

Thank you everybody who has worked so hard to make Workday a success.

Investing in technology and designing processes that enable flexibility, agility, virtual teams and collaborative work is just one of the ways that we are shaping the future of research, teaching and work, as outlined in the Focus on People 2025 framework.

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