Recipients of the President’s Service Award for Excellence

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      • Mandana Amiri, Experimental Cosmology Project Manager / System Engineer; Physics and Astronomy
      • Gillian Harris, Director, Administration and Operations; Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
      • Kshamta Hunter, Manager, Transformative Learning and Student Engagement; Sustainability Hub
      • Shirley Nakata, Ombudsperson for Students; Ombuds Office
      • PJ Rayner, Curriculum Consultant and Educational Strategist; Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and Faculty of Arts


      • Pinder DosanjhOperations Manager, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute
      • Shannon Dunn, Director, Business Operations; Finance and Operations (UBCO)
      • Patricia Ormerod, Laboratory of Archaeology Manager; Department of Anthropology
      • Jody Swift, Director, Strategic Initiatives; Faculty of Applied Science
      • Karen Yan, Graduate Program Assistant; Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education, Faculty of Education


      • Tamara Baldwin, Director, Office of Regional and International Community Engagement & Acting Assistant Director, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
      • Rohene Bouajram, Associate Director, Strategic IBPOC Initiatives, Office of the VP Students
      • Cheryl Niamath, Communications and Administrative Manager, International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries
      • Amy Perreault (Bae), Senior Strategist, Indigenous Initiatives, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology


      • Kirsten Cameron, Academic Support Manager, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
      • Cheryl Dumaresq, Managing Director, Office of the Vice Provost International
      • Ryanne James, Bridge Through Sport Program Coordinator, First Nations House of Learning
      • Adrienne Vedan, Director, AVP Students, Aboriginal Programs & Services, UBC Okanagan
      • Bernhard Zender, Engineering Technician, UBC Engineering Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy


      • Elaine Borthwick, Director of Admissions, Peter A. Allard School of Law
      • Kim Kiloh, Director, Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, Student Development & Services
      • Clara Ng, Assistant Dean, Finance, for the Faculty of Education & Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Pamela Rosenbaum, Manager, Marine Mammal Research Unit at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, Faculty of Science
      • Donald Reginald Skea, Operations Supervisor, Alex Fraser Research Forest, Faculty of Forestry


      • Andrew Arida, Associate Registrar & Director, Enrolment Services
      • Enid Ho, Administrative Assistant, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies | Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program
      • Chiara Longhi, Director, Student Services, Faculty of Forestry
      • Lynne Murchie, Associate Director, UBC Sauder Co-op Program
      • Charles Shi, International Student Advisor RCIC, International Student Development


      • Michael Gesi, Security Coordinator, Okanagan Campus Security
      • Bruce Gillespie, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Department of Zoology
      • Margaret Leathley, Pension Administrator, UBC Staff Pension Plan
      • Karen McKellin, Executive Director, International Student Initiative
      • Jodi Scott, Senior Planner, Facilities Planning


      • Isabella Losinger, Director of Administration, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine
      • Evelyn Maan, Research Manager, Oak Tree Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital
      • Carol Naylor, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, Student Development and Services
      • Deb Pickman, Marketing and Communications Manager, Arts & Culture District, Faculty of Arts
      • Liska Richer, Manager, Social, Ecological, Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Sustainability Program, Campus and Community Planning


      • Gayle Kosh, Graduate Programs Manager, Faculty of Forestry
      • Denise Lauritano,, Executive Director, Office of the Associate-Provost Academic Innovation, Vice-President Academic
      • Brendan Morey, Director, Graduate Awards and Development, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
      • Kristin Sopotiuk, Assistant to the Head, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts
      • Fred Woo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Vice President Research & International


      • Paola Baca, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Enrolment Services (Vancouver campus)
      • Penelope (Lebby) Balakshin, Biodiversity Research Centre Administrator, Biodiversity Research Centre (Vancouver campus)
      • Ken Day, Manager, Alex Fraser Research Forest, Faculty of Forestry (Alex Fraser Research Forest site)
      • Erin Shannon, Manager, Academic Support, Enrolment Services (Okanagan campus)
      • Leah Walker, Associate Director, Education, Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health (School of Population and Public Health) (St Paul’s Hospital site)


      • Dionne Pelan, Coordinator, Computer and Drop-In Programs, UBC Learning Exchange
      • Dr. Rob Lloyd-Smith, Physician, Student Health Service
      • Lynn Macdonald, Manager, UBC Animal Care & Biosafety Committees
      • Nelson Dinn, Business Operations Manager, UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre
      • Andrea Wink, Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Engagement, Faculty of Applied Science


      • Rose Harper, Senior Program Assistant for Arts One and the Coordinated Arts Program (Vancouver campus)
      • Maureen Lisle, Visual Arts Technician in the Department of Creative Studies (Okanagan campus)
      • Jarnail Mehroke, Teaching Lab Technician in the Department of Botany, Biology Program (Vancouver campus)
      • Peter Milroy, Director of UBC Press (Vancouver campus)


      • Katherine Beaumont, Director, Go Global
      • Carol Mayer, Curator (Oceania & Africa), Museum of Anthropology
      • Patricia Mirwaldt, Director, Student Health Services
      • Michele Ng, Project Coordinator, Department of Computer Science
      • Tangerine Twiss, Executive Assistant, International Office, Office of the Vice President Research & International


      • Maura da Cruz, Organizational and Learning Consultant, Department of Human Resources
      • Paul Lawson, Manager, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest
      • Justin Marples, Director, Classroom Services
      • Andrew Parr, Managing Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services
      • Gerald Vanderwoude, Administrator and Business Manager, Department of Theatre and Film


      • John Sacre, Capital Program & Maintenance Manager, Land and Building Services
      • Kersti Krug, Assistant Principal, Strategic Development and Administration, College for Interdisciplinary Studies
      • Laura-Lynn Lowry, Senior Food Service Assistant, Food Services
      • Alan Owen Steeves, Computer and Electronics Manager, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
      • Bernice Urbaniak, Administrative Manager, School of Human Kinetics and President, AAPS


      • James Bellavance, Facilities Manager, Land and Building Services
      • Richard Moore, Facilities Coordinator, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
      • Patricia Rose, Secretary, Theatre, Film and Creative Writing
      • Margaret Tom-Wing, Executive Coordinator, Faculty of Arts Deans Office
      • Moya Waters, Associate Director, Museum of Anthropology


      • Ian S. Burgess, Director, CFI Office, Office of the VP Research
      • Samson Cheung, Head Service Worker, Land & Building Services
      • Bridget Hamilton, Receptionist, Physics & Astronomy Department
      • Glen Peterson, Associate Professor, History Department
      • Leeta Sokalski, Manager, Office & Circulation Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


      • Catherine Alkenbrack, Associate Director, Land & Building Services
      • Dorota Bartnik-Kapsa, Senior Supervisor, UBC Childcare
      • Brian Lee, Director Finance, Faculty of Arts
      • Douglas R. Quinville, Service Manager, IT Services
      • Anne Stanton, Custodial Service Worker, Land & Building Services


      • Tammy Brimner, Senior Manager, Faculty Relations
      • Bridie Byrne, Faculty Administrator, Faculty of Science
      • Darlene Crowe, Manager, Administration, Michael Smith Laboratories
      • Anne-Marie Fenger, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts
      • Krishna Reddy, Service Worker, Facility Management Group


      • Belle Dale-Wills, Associate Director, Facility Services
      • Yashmin Kassam, First Year Advisor, English Department
      • Audrey Lindsay, Associate Registrar & Director, Student Systems
      • Suzanne Poohkay, Associate Director, Facilities & Capital Planning Capital Programs, Campus & Community Planning
      • Julie Walchli, Director, Faculty of Arts Co-operative, Education Program


      • Deborah Austin, Human Resources and Administration, Land and Building Services
      • Eilis Courtney, Ceremonies Office
      • Mary Murphy, Faculty of Applied Science
      • Eileen Oertwig, Faculty of Arts
      • James Ramsay, Project Services, Land and Building Services


      • Saroj Chand, Education
      • Christine Graham, Statistics
      • Janice Austin, Education Library
      • Katriona Macdonald, Graduate Studies
      • Michelle Mccraughan, Audiology & Speech Sciences


      • Benjamin Clifford, Chemistry
      • Vicki Koulouris, Dentistry
      • Roseanne Mcindoe, Anatomy
      • Ruth Sigal, Women’s Resource Centre
      • Charles E. Slonecker, Ceremonies & University Relations
      • Sharon E. M. Walker, Bookstore


      • Donna Chin, Canadian Literature
      • David Holm, Zoology
      • Elaine Lui, Dentistry
      • George Mclaughlin, Plant Operations
      • Gayle Smith, Office Of the Vice President, Academic


      • Stanley Hamilton, Commerce
      • Isabel Da Silva, Music
      • Anthony Leugner, Electrical & Computer Engineering
      • Beryl Morphet, Arts (History)
      • William Webber, Medicine


      • William Robert Cullen, Chemistry
      • Mary Enid Graham, Asian Studies
      • Allan Stewart Lackie, Purchasing
      • Patricia Anne Lackie, English
      • Gisela Mallue, Library


      • Barbara Miltner Evans, President’s Office
      • Suzanne Cates Dodson, Library
      • Raymond John Hall, Theatre & Film
      • David Francis Hardwick, Pathology
      • Odile Kucera French, A. Bruce Macdonald Botanical Garden


      • Lore A.B. Hoffmann, Physics
      • Nestor Korchinsky, Intramurals
      • Rosemary H. Leach, English
      • Frances Medley, Assistant Secretary Of Senate
      • Douglas A. Napier, Plant Operations
      • Mary L. Risebrough, Housing And Conferences


      • Harvey J. Burian, Human Resources
      • Albert J. Mcclean, Law
      • William B. Mclennan, Museum Of Anthropology
      • Christine Mewis, Oceanography
      • Rolando F. Robillo, Microbiology


      • Maureen Douglas, Science
      • Albert Emslie, Plant Operations
      • Helen Hahn, Office Of the Vice President, Research
      • David L. Williams, Physics
      • Thomas J. Shorthouse, Law


      • John Dennison, Administration, Adult & Higher Education
      • Mavis Dunsford, Nursing
      • Joan King, Ceremonies
      • Gail Robertson, Commerce
      • Geoffrey Scudder, Zoology


      • Michael Crooks, Physics
      • Gay Huchelega, Agricultural Sciences
      • Barry Scott, Bookstore
      • Sonja Sigfredsen, Plant Operations
      • John Stager, Geography


      • June Binkert, Fine Arts
      • Sheldon Cherry, Civil Engineering/Graduate Studies
      • Robert Hindmarch, Athletics
      • Shirley Louie, Food Services
      • Norman Watt, Extra Sessional Studies