2019 Workplace Experiences Survey Pulse Results

2019 Workplace Experiences Survey Pulse Results

In November 2019, 3,283 faculty and staff participated in the UBC Workplace Experiences Survey Pulse. These survey results provide a snapshot of areas of strength and opportunity heading into the next Workplace Experiences Survey.

The results also inform the Focus on People 2025 metrics, which provides progress on making UBC an inspiring place to work.

UBC Overall Results

The 2019 Workplace Experiences Survey Pulse report for UBC Overall is available here (PDF).

The report includes:

  • Engagement trends, with comparison to the 2017 WES
  • Trends in priority areas, with comparisons to the 2017 and 2014 WES
  • Respondent comments aggregated by theme
  • Demographic profiles

Unit-level reports

A pulse survey report is generated for each unit with 10 or more responses. These reports feature comparisons between a unit’s pulse results and the 2017 WES results so that we can see how faculty and staff experiences have shifted in the last two years.

In early 2020, portfolio-level reports were shared with UBC Executive Leadership team, and unit-level reports were distributed to the respective senior HR leaders.

Curious about your unit’s results? Please contact your HR leader to learn more.