Recognition Thank-You Cards in Human Resources

Submitted by Stephanie Thorpe, PD Funds Coordinator, UBC Human Resources

fop-hr-board-recognitionFriday is National Employee Appreciation Day. A personalized thank-you card is a simple and thoughtful way to let colleagues know you appreciate them and what they do.

In Human Resources, we recently created an interactive display with the recognition poster in the HR Department reception lounge. We attached an envelope stuffed with printed thank-you cards to the poster, and invited people (both HR colleagues and visitors) to help themselves to the cards. It was fantastic to see the cards disappearing from the envelope and being used to communicate gratitude and appreciation in our department and other areas of UBC!

Shortly after the poster was displayed, we had a Central HR all-staff meeting. I was really impressed with the presentations and I wished to congratulate my colleagues who presented. The thank-you cards would be a perfect way to show my appreciation of the meaningful and fun ways in which they updated HR on the meeting topics! I took some thank-you cards from the reception lounge display and filled each with a short, personalized note that described what I appreciated about each of my colleagues’ contributions to the meeting. I found it enjoyable to reflect on what they did really well and then express it in writing. After I dropped the thank-you cards off at their desks, each of my colleagues then told me that they really appreciated the notes. It was a true representation of the “Ripple Effect of Recognition” and reinforced the impact that a thank-you can have in the workplace!

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