Resources to support effective performance conversations

At UBC, we have shifted from the traditional model of performance review to ongoing performance conversations — thoughtful and productive two-way conversations focused on helping employees to grow in their careers, tapping into the employee’s strengths and adding new skills, and looking ahead.

A performance conversation is largely driven by the employee, with the supervisor as coach and partner.

To support both employees and leaders in having effective conversations, the Connect, Open, Explore and Close (COEC) approach was developed in partnership with UBC Human Resources, Coaching Services and Extended Learning.

Available as a guide on the UBC HR website, the COEC approach provides a structure, questions and prompts that can be easily applied to your annual and ongoing performance and development conversations. The COEC model helps to build trust and safety, co-create intent and purpose, discover options and possibilities, and determine a plan with next steps.

Learn more about how to prepare, have, and reflect on performance conversations at UBC.